Office Design Trends for 2017

Workplace design trends usually evolve as a way to improve the workplace. They focus on increased productivity, comfort, visual appeal and safety for employees. With an increasing workplace population of men and women each year, office design trends can have a big impact on attracting top candidates for an employer. Take a look at some important office design trends for 2017.

Flexible Office Space

With continuous changes in technology and expected shifts in working culture, many companies are creating office environments that provide flexibility. According to business studies, almost 50 percent of companies are uncertain about how technological changes will impact their productivity and profits. By creating a more flexible workplace with spaces that adapt easily to changes, new technologies and equipment can be integrated easier into the office.

The workplace is the second highest expense for a business, so making good use of the physical space is essential for growth and profits. Companies need room to grow and expand to keep up with new innovations, but don’t want to pay for wasted space that isn’t used to its full potential.

Sophisticated Style

Over the last five years, start-up companies have been popping up everywhere. With a huge millennial work force, companies tried to make their offices hip and cool to appeal to younger talent. Foosball tables, indoor slides and beer taps were common features found in innovative interiors, even in more traditional industries. While offices still maintain a youthful vibe, there is now a shift driven by architect and interior designers to create more sophisticated office style. Emphasis is on developing the company brand with an image that reflects maturity and long-term success.

Health and Fitness

Since many employees spend more time at work than at home, companies are putting focus on health and fitness in the workplace. Creating a healthy work environment is one of the hottest office design trends for 2017. Wellness programs that offer employees health and fitness facilities have been around for some time, but new innovations such as sit-stand desks and ergonomic furniture to reduce muscle pain and discomfort are being emphasized. Steam rooms, racquet ball courts, and even lap pools are showing up in offices around the country as a way to relax and relieve stress in the workplace. Companies recognize that integrating the latest health and fitness trends and equipment into their workplaces are attracting top talent with big goals.