Decorate Your Home With These Three Brands

It is always fun to decorate your home with a themed figurine or unique candle warmer. There is something about adding a new piece of decor that feels like a breath of fresh air. It adds something new to your home without taking away from your current style. You can dress your home up for a specific holiday, an entire season or just to change up the vibe.

There are many brands that offer beautiful pieces of decor for your home. You may want to shop for figurines with Jim Shore or decorative plates with Angel Star. Start decorating your home by shopping with these three brands.

Angel Star

You can start decorating by dressing up your wall with gorgeous plates from Angel Star. The plates come in several shapes and designs to fit your style, from a square plate adorned with a colorful butterfly to a round plate adorned with a blue dragonfly. They also come in several sizes to fit any space of your wall. Decorating your wall with butterfly and dragonfly plates is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home.

Candle Warmers

There is more to decorating your home than just displaying beautiful pieces. A certain fragrance can bring back memories or create the perfect setting, and you can decorate with the electric Candle Aire Warmers from Candle Warmers. The candle warmers come in designs such as Azure Scroll and Tuscan Cream, and they release amazing scents such as Balsam Fir and Spiced Apple. Every candle warmer features a flickering light bulb that acts as a flame and a quiet fan that releases the fragrance into the air.

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Jim Shore is your top brand for charming figurines and ornaments for any occasion. You can find pieces that fit various holidays, such as the Mini Crow on Jack-o-lantern Figurine, Mini Pumpkin Turkey Figurine and The North Star Express 5 Piece Mini Train Set. You can even find decorative Easter eggs that feature beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. Jim Shore offers a range of figurines in popular characters, and this includes the Jiminy Cricket Personality Pose figurine and Peanuts Gang Welcome Great Pumpkin figurine.

You do not have to wait until the next holiday or season to decorate your home. All you need to do is shop now for your next pieces of home decor.

Mandatory Man Cave Decorations

It is inevitable that every man who builds his own man cave in his home will look at the finished product and feel like something is missing. You have put countless hours into creating your man cave, and now you feel like you are not quite done. For those men who cannot figure out why their personal space seems incomplete, there are a few pieces of decoration you should be looking for that are mandatory for every man cave.

Autographed Jerseys

Whether it is autographed football jerseys or official hockey jerseys signed by your favorite players, no man cave wall is complete without some jerseys hanging around. Most guys have their favorite autographed jersey that has been sitting in their closet for years and looking for a place to hang. But even if you don’t have that treasured sports keepsake, you can still get one and complete your wall decor.

Neon Signs

It used to be that neon beer signs were mandatory for every man cave, but those times have changed. These days, you can get a neon sign in any format and it will look great hanging on the wall of your personal space. There is something about the glow of neon that is unlike any other light in the world, and that glow is what is going to make your man hideaway complete.

Road Signs

In some respects, a man cave acts a lot like a college dorm in that it is a place for the guys to meet and have some fun. A lot of dorm rooms have road signs on the walls, and those road signs carry over to when men buy their own homes. If you are looking at your man cave walls and feel like something is missing, then you may be missing your college days and need those road signs to make you feel right at home.

Sports Logos

You may have remembered to put your favorite team’s logo on the wall of your man cave, but leaving out the rest of the league makes your walls look bare. You can show your colors for your favorite team and flash the rest of the league’s logos to make your walls look stylish.

A man cave is a getaway that is supposed to show off your personality. But guys like guy stuff, and there are a few mandatory items you need on your man cave walls to make them look perfect.

Challenge to Self

I went on a shopping spree this week. Well, I am not guilty in a way because I went shopping for our groceries, I bought our staples and all. But what I am most guilty of is that I spent almost $200 bucks for all the grocery! That is way too much for me and the boys. I am hoping that all I bought will last us for more than a week, oh I know it will, well, except for the eggs and milk (and the delicious muffins). 🙂

So after all that, I challenged myself not to shop until all that it’s in the cupboards and fridge are used up. Here’s what I posted all over in the kitchen and by the door:

challenge to self

Challenge to myself.

Our cupboards are full and so is the fridge, so I expect the boys to cooperate too with my challenge. They will help by not wasting food and have to eat what has been prepared. I really do think we will last for two weeks because we often get free dinners from Nanay Lita, our neighbor, so we are saved from cooking and using our food. 😉

I told hubby that I will leave my debit card here at home so that I won’t get tempted to buy anything. I really hope I can keep up with my challenge. I have a few coins and a couple of bills in my wallet, I guess those go for Kuya Bogs who would always ask for something to eat whenever I pick him up in school, that is just my excuse, but I still don’t want to buy, I will bring some of the extra food we have for him to eat.

So wish me luck friends! 🙂