Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Adding fish to your diet will provide many health benefits for your body. Fish is a good source of important nutrients that keep vital organs healthy and free from diseases. With a variety of easy-to-prepare fish dishes, there’s a tasty fish for every palette.

Fish is a food source that’s low in fat and high in protein. It’s filled with important vitamins like B2 and D, and minerals including potassium, magnesium, zinc and iodine. It’s also packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are known to protect your heart, brain and joints. According to the American Heart Association, eating fish twice a week can lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Omega-e fatty acids also have benefits for your skin. They help to build strong skin cells which reduce the risk of sun damage and certain types of skin cancer. Since your body doesn’t produce omega-3 fatty acids naturally, it’s important to eat foods that are rich in this nutrient. Every type of fish on the market contains omega-3 fatty acids, but fish that’s high in fat like salmon, herring, trout, oysters, and canned mackerel and tuna contain more.

Some of the healthiest fish you can safely eat two to three times a week inlcude: black sea bass; calamari; catfish; cod; crawfish; flounder; herring; mackerel; oysters; salmon; scallops; shrimp; tilapia; and trout. Luckily, these types of fish are among the most popular dishes at Plano TX seafood restaurants where easy-to-prepare Cajun-style dishes are served seven days a week. Some types of fish contain higher levels of mercury. Pregnant and nursing mothers and young children should avoid these types of fish: swordfish; shark; king mackerel; marlin; and bluefin tuna.

If you like to cook, you’ll find that fresh fish is easy and quick to prepare. You can bake or broil it in the oven, fry it on the stovetop, or grill it outdoors on the patio. When cooking fish, it’s important to get the internal temperature to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, so check it with a good food thermometer before serving it. Approximate cooking time for baking, broiling, frying or grilling is 10 minutes for each inch of thickness. If you’re cooking frozen fish that’s not completely unthawed, allow 20 minutes for each inch of thickness. It’s best to remove the skin before cooking and cook in a pan that’s deep enough to hold fat drippings. When fish is done, it should look rather opaque and be easy to separate with a fork.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy and Enjoying Your Retirement

If you’ve made it into your golden years, you’re probably excited about enjoying your retirement. You have decades of time to look forward to, but you have to take steps to make sure that you stay healthy so you can enjoy yourself. After all, no one wants to spend their retirement unable to walk, run, or travel. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do to prolong your life and improve the quality of it. Here are five easy ways to get started on staying healthy for the rest of your life.

Eat Well, and Not Too Much

The most common causes of early death can all be traced to a poor diet, especially one that is full of fatty meat and dairy. Look into the Mediterranean diet, which is popular for its link with longevity. You don’t need to be a strict vegetarian to get the benefits of a mostly plant-based diet. Most importantly, don’t let yourself become obese. Keep an eye on your weight and keep it at healthy levels.

Get Exercise and Stay Active

You don’t need to run a marathon or work out at the gym every day to benefit from exercise. Staying active is about moving your body regularly. Walking every day is the easiest and most useful activity, as it can be kept up for a lifetime. Also, consider swimming and dancing, both of which will keep you fit while you have fun.

Talk to Your Doctor About Aging

Whether you’re still feeling good or are starting to suffer from the effects of age, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about what you’re experiencing. In many cases, your doctor can advise you about improving your life. For example, your doctor may prescribe HRT for men, like that offered by Global Life Rejuvenation. This therapy can make a big difference in the quality of life for older men.

Expand Your Horizons

It’s easy to get stuck when you’re retired, but don’t let it happen. Try new hobbies and take up new subjects of study. If you’re able to, try traveling. It’s one of the most rewarding ways to spend your retirement, at least part of the time. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and learn new things. Your retirement can be the most exciting and rewarding time of your life.

What Can I Do To Optimize My Child’s Health?

Although most parents want their children to be as healthy as possible, it’s unfortunate to find that many boys and girls engage in unhealthy behaviors that detract from their quality of life. However, parents can implement a wide variety of strategies to get their children back on track. Here are just three of many parenting techniques that can work wonders for your child’s health:

1. Talk About Drugs.

There’s no point in mystifying the reality of drugs. At some point, your young boy or girl will probably be asked to try an illegal substance. In many cases, they already have. As such, make sure that you explain why it’s never a good idea to try an illegal drug. You can emphasize things like the fact that they could go to jail, hamper their immunity, and compromise their ability to perform well in school. You may also want to invest in drug testing kits if you believe your young one is already using an illicit substance. You can obtain these kits from companies like Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc.

2. Emphasize The Importance Of Exercise.

In addition to engaging your child in regular conversations about drugs, it’s important to emphasize the importance of exercise. Specifically, make sure that your child understands all of the amazing health benefits they can obtain from engaging in regular physical activity. Some of them include:

-depression relief
-enhanced immunity
-chronic pain reduction
-osteoporosis prevention
-colon cancer prevention
-chronic fatigue prevention
-mood regulation
-constipation relief
-metabolism boost

Also make sure that your child understands that she or he should be engaging in a form of physical activity that they actually like. Some forms include:


3. Model Good Eating Habits.

In many cases, children eat the same types of foods that their parents do. As such, you need to be a model for healthy eating habits. If your children regularly catch you drinking soda and eating chocolate bars, they’ll be able to defend themselves when they engage in similarly destructive behaviors.


Parents who want their children to be healthy should know that there are numerous ways they can make it happen. Three of them include talking about drugs, emphasizing the importance of exercise, and modeling good eating habits. By implementing these strategies synergistically, you’ll likely find that your child becomes the healthy, happy being you want her or him to be.