Budget Renovations: How to Upgrade a Bedroom

Is your bedroom looking worse for wear? Are you just tired of the same lackluster room you’ve dealt with for yours? Do you want to upgrade your room but don’t have the funds to spend to do a completely overhaul? Changing the look of your bedroom doesn’t require a lot of money, and can actually be completed in a weekend or even a day.

Fresh Coat of Paint
It’s amazing what some paint can do to alter the entire look of a room. And since paint is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of other renovations, it is a great way to upgrade a bedroom while on a budget. And since there is a seemingly endless array of colors, you are sure to find the perfect paint for your style, desires and needs. Keep in mind, however, that painting will take a bit of effort and you will need to prep the walls (remove any décor and clean the surface) beforehand. Another option is to make an accent wall, which is essentially just painting one wall a different, more striking color. This is even more budget-friendly than painting the entire room and won’t take as long to complete.

Add Some Lights
Lighting can drastically change the entire look of a room, and can be something as simple as replacing the old glass globes around the lightbulbs with something that fits your style. Another option is to purchase wholesale fairy lights and sheer white curtains to make a stunning window covering. Hang the fairy lights behind the white curtains for a dramatic and whimsical effect. You can also purchase small twinkle lights to hang around your bed. This will give you some mood lighting while making that area a focal point of the room.

fairy lights

Upgrade the Décor
The items that decorate your room can also have an effect on the look of your room. And if you have had that décor for many years, it may be time to do a bit of upgrading. Unfortunately, home décor can be a bit expensive and may not fall into your budget. Taking a trip to your local thrift stores or scouring garage sales is a great way to find items to decorate your room without spending a lot of money. What’s even better is that you are repurposing these items that may have otherwise ended up in the garbage.