3 Gifts to Give the Gun Enthusiast in Your Life

Guns are a controversial topic of conversation, but the fact remains that there are lots of gun enthusiasts around. And you either are one, or know one. The following article gives you 3 gift ideas for the gun enthusiasts in your life.

The Gift of Sights & Accessories

Technically, a gun sight is an accessory—one of that most popular, in fact. Sights offer accuracy and efficiency, and they are bigtime hits with hunters. However, there are other accessories to consider. For instance, you can customize the handle with a snap case. This give you the option of colors and textures, while ensuring a true, great grip on your gun. Plus, depending on the kind of gun you have, there are stock and barrel accessories to provide better balance and straighter, smoother shooting with less kickback impact.

Holsters & Straps

Gun enthusiasts know that a great holster or strap can make or break a hunting trip. Policeman and different branches of armed military personnel used high-quality, safety graded straps and holsters because their lives could depend on how quickly and efficiently they can withdraw their weapons. However, for everyday hunters and gun enthusiasts, a good holster or strap takes the weight and pressure off of your back to reassure a good balance. Ideally, if you give the gift of a holster or strap, you should take your recipient with you. Or, know their measurements so the strap or holster fits snug, secure, and comfortably. Couple these with a concealment shirt and you have an action-packed present.

When in Doubt, Grab a Sporting Goods Gift Card

In a perfect world, you’d be able to guess and gift something great to anyone. But, in the world we live in, it can be impossible to judge what someone likes or needs. So, when in doubt, give your gun enthusiast a gift card to a great sporting goods store. There are hundreds of gun accessories to choose from. And your recipient can simply pick out what they need or want from the long aisles of cool merchandise. Most gift cards can be set anywhere from 20 bucks to 500 smackers—your choice. Or, hand your gun enthusiast a few hundred so they can go anywhere for their gun accessories of choice.

The aforementioned article details a few gift ideas for gun enthusiasts. And hopefully, you developed a few inspired gift ideas of your own. Remember to always encourage your recipient to practice and preach gun safety.

Decorate Your Home With These Three Brands

It is always fun to decorate your home with a themed figurine or unique candle warmer. There is something about adding a new piece of decor that feels like a breath of fresh air. It adds something new to your home without taking away from your current style. You can dress your home up for a specific holiday, an entire season or just to change up the vibe.

There are many brands that offer beautiful pieces of decor for your home. You may want to shop for figurines with Jim Shore or decorative plates with Angel Star. Start decorating your home by shopping with these three brands.

Angel Star

You can start decorating by dressing up your wall with gorgeous plates from Angel Star. The plates come in several shapes and designs to fit your style, from a square plate adorned with a colorful butterfly to a round plate adorned with a blue dragonfly. They also come in several sizes to fit any space of your wall. Decorating your wall with butterfly and dragonfly plates is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home.

Candle Warmers

There is more to decorating your home than just displaying beautiful pieces. A certain fragrance can bring back memories or create the perfect setting, and you can decorate with the electric Candle Aire Warmers from Candle Warmers. The candle warmers come in designs such as Azure Scroll and Tuscan Cream, and they release amazing scents such as Balsam Fir and Spiced Apple. Every candle warmer features a flickering light bulb that acts as a flame and a quiet fan that releases the fragrance into the air.

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Jim Shore is your top brand for charming figurines and ornaments for any occasion. You can find pieces that fit various holidays, such as the Mini Crow on Jack-o-lantern Figurine, Mini Pumpkin Turkey Figurine and The North Star Express 5 Piece Mini Train Set. You can even find decorative Easter eggs that feature beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. Jim Shore offers a range of figurines in popular characters, and this includes the Jiminy Cricket Personality Pose figurine and Peanuts Gang Welcome Great Pumpkin figurine.

You do not have to wait until the next holiday or season to decorate your home. All you need to do is shop now for your next pieces of home decor.

Being Inspired To Take A Late Journey Into Music

Secure adults who find themselves at point in life where they reflect on past achievements, family, and the possibility of starting new hobbies often consider exploring music. It is extremely common for older people to remember that inner voice that spoke to them throughout life about a love for music. It always fed the curiosity about learning to play an instrument, but for some reason the desire was never answered with formal instruction. As the old adage goes, there’s no time like the present!

What Holds Adults Back From Learning Music?

It’s amazing how people are inspired to dedicate their lives to mundane things like work, home improvements, finances, and favorite television shows, but find it difficult to justify pursuing a life-enriching art. Learning music seems to tap into a personal realm that triggers true fantasy. What if a person was musically gifted and never realized it? Is there a hint of performance anxiety? Does the fear of loving something so much, like learning to play an instrument, create giddy child-like feelings and self-consciousness? If so, it’s probably a good sign that learning music is just what an adult needs.

Finding The Right Reasons To Open New Doors

People who are fortunate enough to have impressive starts in music at an early age are usually inspired by something. Many times it’s watching a live performance, or hearing a story about a famous composer. The wonder created from reading about Mozart’s ability to compose in his head, or how Beethoven “freed music,” or the legendary handspan of Rachmaninoff helps young people dive, with abandon, into music. The same thing can happen for adults.

A Good Prelude Before Starting Adult Music Lessons

The power of inspirational story books for younger students can be felt by curious adults. It is a great idea to read biographies about favorite composers and performers before committing to formal lessons, or self-instruction. It is also a beneficial to spend time watching video journals of other people who have been successful with learning music later in life. Excellent inspirational stories and commentary can be found in private studios, internet self-instruction hubs like C.R. Carole Music, and online portals managed by instructors who specialize in teaching music to adults.

Everyone is given only one life! If music has always been a burning curiosity, even retirement is not too late to begin chasing an elusive desire to enrich oneself with music. Read, watch, listen, and get inspired to fill your artistic fantasy.