Good News

I am missing my period, for about five days now. Could this mean I am pregnant? I am not sure… maybe I am just stressed from all the activities recently. But I do have doubts.

So to confirm, I asked my hubby to buy me a home pregnancy test kit. And my doubt is confirmed! Something’s really cooking in the oven!!!! I am quite excited, but mostly sad, and happy at the same time. This was an unplanned pregnancy. Excited and happy at the news because finally, my son will soon have a playmate and that he will have somebody else to run to (when they grow older). Excited and happy because it’s a blessing to have a baby and that it’s a wonderful gift from God. No doubt about that.

Sad because I just bought two new pairs of pants and for sure after a year, I will find it hard to wear them again! Sad, because I couldn’t go back to work yet, although being a mom is the best thing in the world (no exaggerations :-))! Sad, because I will be experiencing terrible morning sickness again (I am really hoping I won’t), and honestly, it’s not really easy being pregnant.

But a child is an angel. I am truly blessed that I have been given again this opportunity to become a mom again! Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing!

Semester Break

It’s my son’s first ever semester break. School is off for a week to give way to the holidays! Yipeeee! 🙂

We are just home and enjoying bonding moments together. Since it’s no school and all-play for the little boy, I have just let him play all the time and watch his favorite cartoons. Sometimes, we visit his daddy at the hospital and “help” him with his work. For the past few days, he still wakes up early and tells me that he’d like to take his bath early because he still thinks it’s a school day. He’s so used to his daily routine already. So I just tell him, we’ll take a bath later because it’s your holiday!!!

Next week, we will be back in school and they will start practicing for their Christmas dance. We are all excited to see him dance in his first Christmas program ever.

At the Cemetery

It has always been a part of the Filipino tradition that every 1st and 2nd of November families visit their departed loved ones at their resting places. Family members remember the dead by lighting up candles in their niche and offering prayers. Some even bring food to share among those who visited. Lately, this tradition has transformed into a festivity in itself. Aside from the customary beliefs, some have brought revelry into it by bringing loud music into the cemeteries, some people are even partying on these tranquil places, more foods are being brought, and so much more.

These new practices have alerted government officials and cemetery owners and handlers. It is quite a shame that some people can actually do this and sort of ruin the peacefulness of somehow show no respect for the departed ones. I have nothing against all these, except that such activities should be in the proper places. Partying should be done in clubs other hang outs and not in cemeteries, and loud music should be prohibited (although this is already implemented).

Showing respect to every one, dead or not, should always be our priority, Halloween or not Halloween.