At the Cemetery

It has always been a part of the Filipino tradition that every 1st and 2nd of November families visit their departed loved ones at their resting places. Family members remember the dead by lighting up candles in their niche and offering prayers. Some even bring food to share among those who visited. Lately, this tradition has transformed into a festivity in itself. Aside from the customary beliefs, some have brought revelry into it by bringing loud music into the cemeteries, some people are even partying on these tranquil places, more foods are being brought, and so much more.

These new practices have alerted government officials and cemetery owners and handlers. It is quite a shame that some people can actually do this and sort of ruin the peacefulness of somehow show no respect for the departed ones. I have nothing against all these, except that such activities should be in the proper places. Partying should be done in clubs other hang outs and not in cemeteries, and loud music should be prohibited (although this is already implemented).

Showing respect to every one, dead or not, should always be our priority, Halloween or not Halloween.

CafeWorld No More

Today I decided to stop playing CafeWorld. I have been addicted to this online game since October last year and have reached level 128 already. But since the game is taking so slow to load, plus there are more tasks to complete and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. There are actually so many glitches in the game, and I just couldn’t believe that I have survived one year playing it.

I have outplayed most of my friends who were so in their highest levels and when I got to that point, I ceased. I couldn’t keep up with the game anymore. There are so many documents and papers to finish, plus the tasks that I have to complete, there’s my family to take care, a house to clean, the laundry to be washed and a whole lot of stuff going on. So playing the online game will be in the least of my priorities.

So it’s time to set my time straight and make it right. I dropped CafeWorld, and now I’m concentrating on the more important things in life.

Town Fiesta

Our town fiesta is just a few days away. The municipality has already started decorating the main Poblacion streets with banners and tarpaulins. Since October 21, the nightly programs have lightened up the municipal stage, but unfortunately, the weather has not been very cooperative. It’s been raining too nightly since the festivities started 🙁 But this has not dampen the spirits of the townsfolk.

My family too has started cleaning our house, and I have already listed the things that I will have to buy for the celebration. If I were to decide, I wouldn’t want to have any celebration at all, we actually don’t have visitors. But since the other mommies in school have already expressed their intentions of visiting and joining us during the fiesta, it left me no choice but to prepare some for them.

I grew up not celebrating fiestas such as this, I was brought up in the Protestant ways so festivities are actually not in my vocabulary. It was only when I got married to a true blue Boholano that I came to realize that revelries do exist. It is just so different from what I’ve believed in. I’m no saint and I respect such activities.

Anyway, we are just celebrating the fiesta because people come to the house and that’s just it. Happy Fiesta to Antequera!