Christmas Program

My son is so excited today because later tonight, we will be witnessing his first ever Christmas program in school. Since November, their class has been practicing their Filipino dance. Everyday in school, right after their snack time, they try on new steps for their dance and after a few weeks of practicing, some mommies (including myself) were able to see them in one of their rehearsals. I was actually thinking that my son would just be as “active” as he is and will not be dancing at all, but I was really surprised to see him dance and follow his teachers very well. I was even teary eyed watching my almost four year old little boy dancing :-).

So tonight, all of us will behold my son’s activity. I have already told him that he will be dancing on a big stage in front of so many people, he was curious and yet he never showed any fright. Well, maybe because they had their final rehearsal this morning and he might have gotten used to to the big crowd.

Folks, off I go for now. See yah in my next update!

Bogs’ First Christmas Party

It’s my son’s first Christmas Party (in school) today!!! He wasn’t that excited actually, probably because it’s his first time and he has no idea what will happen. But today, everything turned out fine! He had a wonderful time playing games and most of all exchanging gifts with his manito/manita. There were lots of food too!!! We were all stuffed when we got home! 🙂

waiting for their games
getting ready for the games...
wear that santa hat Bogs!
step on the star relay
this is the gift i received
wow!!! my gift!
the party food!!!!

Truly it was a happy day, for the kids, even though they were not that stuffed and full, but their hearts and their laughter rang throughout the school grounds, and their smiles, all reaching up to their ears as they went home hugging their gifts. My son really had a wonderful day!

Sensitive Nose

It’s getting worse… this is me when I am pregnant. I am on my ninth week now and everything’s getting “smelly.” My little boy who is the most adorable human being, who smells so good even if he’s been sweating from playing, now smells bad, my mom who is diabetic and sick, has very smelly wastes… before I can tolerate the stink, but now, it makes me throw up!

Towels, bed sheets, pillows, freshly washed clothes, heated cooking oil, smoke from the grill (which usually smells so delectable), all of these and so much more are so stinky!!! I just couldn’t stand the odor that if I get to inhale it for a few moments, I would throw up.

I just hope that by the end of my 11th or 12th week, all these not-so-nice symptoms would go away, just like in my first pregnancy. I am really hoping that it would…