Sensitive Nose

It’s getting worse… this is me when I am pregnant. I am on my ninth week now and everything’s getting “smelly.” My little boy who is the most adorable human being, who smells so good even if he’s been sweating from playing, now smells bad, my mom who is diabetic and sick, has very smelly wastes… before I can tolerate the stink, but now, it makes me throw up!

Towels, bed sheets, pillows, freshly washed clothes, heated cooking oil, smoke from the grill (which usually smells so delectable), all of these and so much more are so stinky!!! I just couldn’t stand the odor that if I get to inhale it for a few moments, I would throw up.

I just hope that by the end of my 11th or 12th week, all these not-so-nice symptoms would go away, just like in my first pregnancy. I am really hoping that it would…

Tonsillitis is the Culprit

My hubby and I decided we go see my OB-Gyne today, just to be sure. So we did, after dropping our little boy in school, we headed to her clinic. She told me to get some lab tests done, Urinalysis, Hepatitis B screening and Complete Blood Count. Thank God, the results were all negative of any other complications. 🙂

My OB couldn’t give me any medication. I told her about the pain in swallowing, so probably there is an infection going on there. True indeed, when we got home, my hubby looked into my tonsils and there it was, bulging and flaming red, with pus!!! My tonsils are really inflamed, so I have to take antibiotics, too bad… the fever yesterday and now, I have to take medicines… please God, protect the little baby inside my tummy.

Fever Today :-(

It is so unbelievable! I have fever… low grade that is, but still it is fever in my first trimester!!!

After doing my chores in the morning, I was flat and my body ached all over!!! I usually do chores on Sundays because nanny is on day off. But today, it was totally different. I couldn’t even move a muscle. Two days ago, I was already complaining of the pain when I swallow, I thought that it would just go away, but it didn’t. The day after, the pain was worst and so it caused the fever.

Honestly, I shed some tears when I realized that I have fever. My hubby assured me that it would be fine, but still, getting sick, in my first trimester is way different and nerve-wracking, it’s far more frightening. Oh God, I just hope that the little baby will just be fine… I am really really worried…