Merry Christmas!

It’s the 25th day of December and the whole world is celebrating Jesus’ birthday!

Happy Birthday Jesus! We love you!

Hearing the Heartbeat

Today is my schedule for my second pre-natal visit. Two weeks ago, my OB-Gyne told me we will be listening to the baby’s heartbeat. For the past 12 weeks since I got pregnant, I still have doubts if I am really conceiving. So to confirm and to remove my doubts, we had our fetal heart sound detection through the Doppler. And indeed, my doubts were erased, after just a two or three strokes, the baby’s heartbeat was pounding so fast, a sign of good health. Even my hubby was elated when I texted him that it’s really confirmed. He missed the detection today because our little boy was still fast asleep in the car.

I thank God for this wonderful gift, although these past weeks the agony of morning sickness has been my constant companion, it has never stopped me to get up every day and thank Him for every thing.

Moved to Another Date!!!!

Every one was giddy, happy, excited and all dressed up in their Filipino costumes! Before the program started, mommies, daddies and nannies were all busy taking pictures of their little ones in their pretty attires! Flashes here and there, smiles everywhere! Every one was so ready for the Christmas program!

When the school directress announced that the presentations will start in a few minutes, all the kids cheered. Then the lights were dimmed signalling the commencement of the yearly activity. Smoothly, the program started and moved on to the first dance presentation. It went well, then some talk and then it was the Nursery 1’s turn… then…. darkness!!!!!!!!!!!

All the lights went out!!!! 🙁 The kids were shouting “mommy” “daddy,” and some were crying. The whole place was dark and the only lights were those of mobile phones and some flashlights. I waited for like a minute or two before I went to my son. I found him just sitting in his chair and he was not afraid at all. In fact, he wanted to have his own flashlight so that he can light up his place… hehehe… I just told him that we’ll wait for a little while because maybe the lights will go back. But unfortunately, it never did. We were all told that the Christmas program is postponed and the school will have to move it to another date and that we will just have to wait for further announcements. 🙁

We were all dismayed at what happened. All the excitement and enthusiasm died down. So we just went out of the venue, headed out to the mall and had dinner. My son was never sad nor angry at what happened, maybe he just doesn’t understand yet. Well, all he could think about is play and just be happy. That’s what kids are, right? As for the parents, we will just be waiting for their announcement. It will probably when the school starts after the holidays since some of the families will go on vacation. Too bad! But life’s like that. Still, Christmas is merry!