Birthday Party in School for Bogs

Today, we are celebrating my little boy’s birthday party in school. After days of preparation, finally it’s here! So we headed off to school and being the last day of the school week, I had the excuse to not let him wear his school uniform! We dropped the little boy in school and instructed our “hired” nanny for the day to wait for the Jollibee crew and receive the food items from them. Then hubby and I went to get the other things needed for the party like the cake, balloons and the food for the mommies and nannies. Everything was all set, and thankfully I didn’t forget anything! 🙂

So I’m sharing some photos of the small party held at my little boy’s classroom.

Yummy cake for the birthday boy and his classmates!
Bogs and his classmates all excited to blow the candle!
Eating time!!!
Busy eating!
Gifts for the birthday boy!
Time to give the loot bags!

The kids as well as the adults enjoyed our little treat for them (I know they were) 🙂 and indeed everything turned out well! Advance Happy Birthday Bogs! We love you!

Busy Days!!!

The first two weeks of January is practically busy weeks for me for the following reasons: it’s my son’s birthday and it’s my father-in-law’s death anniversary. For this week, I will always be on the “run.” I have already listed the things to do for the birthday party. I hope I won’t forget anything, because I tend to forget the small details when it comes to “organizing” events… hehehehe… 🙂

Today, I’m off to Jollibee to order food for the little kids, then to the restaurant where we will be ordering too for the “pansit” and spring rolls for the mommies and nannies. Then to the supermarket for the other things to buy. I have already told the little boy that he will have to eat his snacks without mommy or daddy around because we will be out of the school for a while. Fortunately, he said yes and well he’s been starting to be independent during snacks time.

I hope everything will turn out fine during his birthday party and I hope I won’t forget any thing… 🙂 Advance Happy Birthday to you Bogs! Mommy and Daddy loves you very much!

Back To School

I am gearing up for school again. On Monday, it’s back to school for my little boy. He’s excited to go back to school and it’s his birthday week too. It’s gonna be a busy week for me since I will be preparing the things for his small birthday party in school.

I have already bought some of the party needs like the loot bags, the toys and stuff to be placed inside, but I still have to order for balloons, cake and the party food. I have been doing a lot of thinking and budgeting so that I wouldn’t run out of cash… hehehe… So far, I’m still fine with my finances for the small party. My hubby and I are also having second thoughts of having another party here in the house, just a small gathering for the family and the close relatives to celebrate the little boy’s fourth birthday.

I just hope that we will have enough funds for this… 🙂