Back To Morning Sickness

I don’t understand it… I am in my 12th week now and my morning sickness is back!!! I threw up again, I really don’t know why… 🙁

The past week had been good. I was not sick, except for the colds, but the best thing was that I had no vomiting! Pretty good for me cause I already gained 2 kilos in just two weeks. Anyways, today was not that. I just had my breakfast when I felt so uneasy and comfortable, my stomach started it’s not-so-good feeling and I totally hate it. The discomfort made it’s way till the early evening and at the bathroom, I threw up everything I ate. I really don’t like it, honestly.

For this pregnancy, I actually want to stay outside the house. There are so many “nasty” smells inside the house, mom’s “so foul” wastes, our adorable dog, even the aromatic scent of sauteed garlic and onion smells bad, the freshest bed sheets, even my son and hubby, they all smell bad. Oh gosh, when will this discomfort end!!!! I really don’t like to feel it anymore. Please God, pretty please, let it stop… already!!!!

I’m now on my 12th week, so I am really hoping that in a few weeks from now, I will totally be morning sickness free!!! Hopefully.

Merry Christmas!

It’s the 25th day of December and the whole world is celebrating Jesus’ birthday!

Happy Birthday Jesus! We love you!

Hearing the Heartbeat

Today is my schedule for my second pre-natal visit. Two weeks ago, my OB-Gyne told me we will be listening to the baby’s heartbeat. For the past 12 weeks since I got pregnant, I still have doubts if I am really conceiving. So to confirm and to remove my doubts, we had our fetal heart sound detection through the Doppler. And indeed, my doubts were erased, after just a two or three strokes, the baby’s heartbeat was pounding so fast, a sign of good health. Even my hubby was elated when I texted him that it’s really confirmed. He missed the detection today because our little boy was still fast asleep in the car.

I thank God for this wonderful gift, although these past weeks the agony of morning sickness has been my constant companion, it has never stopped me to get up every day and thank Him for every thing.