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Of Good Looks and Razor Blades

admin / September 14, 2011

A cleanly-shaved face, crisp pants and tops, finely-combed hair and smelling good make a well-groomed man. Many women get attracted to these types of men as they present finesse and good breeding. For men, being a neatnik has connotations of being gay and shows less masculinity. But the truth is, when a man favors vanity, he possesses a rare trait.…

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Mommy Sacrifices

I have been so wanting to drink coffee again, sip on a tall glass of icy cold cola, go to the salon and have my hair makeover, or go to the mall to buy some new stuff for me. But I am stuck here in the house and could not even drink beverages with caffeine! For the reason that I…

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Lacking Support

It’s so sad to know that many young people, adolescents or teenagers today are engaged in drug addiction and alcoholism. But our local government is doing nothing to stop or just even prevent this social cancer from spreading rapidly. Only a few private institutions offer treatment and rehabilitation to the addicted teenagers. But these are not enough, we do not…

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