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New TV Show Addictions

admin / October 20, 2014

There are two TV shows that I am newly addicted to and these are from the W Network and these are the Property Brothers and Love It or List It. These two shows are both home improvement, buying and listing real estate, home renovations and the like. I became interested in these shows when a family friend moved from our…

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This is Me, TV Shows

Reality TV Fan

I am a reality TV fan. I watch these shows because I love how I can relate with the characters, let’s say the contestants on a certain TV show. One time, I talked to a customer and he asked me what kind of TV shows do I watch, I told him that I watch reality TV shows and when I…

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Music, TV Shows

Back To Watching American Idol

If you’ve been following me, by now you would know that I am one big American Idol fan and since Season 13 has just begun, I am back to watching the show! I still don’t get to watch it live because my little boys don’t permit me to do so, it’s bedtime for them when American Idol begins, so I…

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