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Misting Fans for Summer

The temperature today went soaring high! It was really hot that I wished I had a misting fan to relieve me and the little boys of the heat. Even our fans here are giving out warm air. The humidity is so high that when I sweat, it feels so sticky and even if I sit directly in front of the fan, I…

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Summer = Beach

Saw these kids having fun swimming in the sea! They were so excited to see me approaching them and they all shouted “Picture! Picture!” My little boy wanted so much to join the kids but we were only at this place to see the sunset… hehehe… poor little boy… 🙂 We still haven’t gone to the beach yet, it’s very…

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Outdoor Chaise Lounges

Summer is really here, it’s hot, the heat is scorching and yet many are in the beach relaxing in outdoor chaise lounges and enjoying the season. Well, I guess it’s the best time to just lounge around or splish splash in the sea and let the waters cool the heating bodies. Outdoor chaise lounges are the perfect spot to chill…

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