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admin / January 10, 2013

I guess I just miss home… I saw this photo in one of my albums in Photobucket and it sure did make me miss our way of life back home. I often see this dragonfly (and the other insects) in our front yard back home. We have flowers and plants in our front yard so bees, dragonflies and other insects…

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Pink Flower

admin / August 19, 2012

I haven’t been tinkering my vintage cam lately so most of the photos that I share in my blogs are taken from the iPad using the Instagram. But the other day, while hubby was with the little boys outside, he called me to bring the camera and take photos. So I did. Here’s one shot I took: Please don’t ask…

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Photographs, Random Thoughts

Hanging On

It rained early in the afternoon the other day, but it was not that hard. The baby was fast asleep, Kuya Bogs and his daddy were out of the house and I was the only one up. So I thought of taking out my vintage camera and just snapped on anything I found interesting. I also thought of the 366…

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