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Three Blogs Out

admin / December 16, 2014

I’ve finally decided to let go of my three other blogs. I just don’t have the time anymore to write and update all my blogs. Ever since I started working, finding the time to write even a simple post or an update is just a little difficult. I am already tired when I get home and I still have mommy…

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Saving More

I am trying to save a lot more nowadays because the family will be moving by the end of July to a 2-bedroom apartment and hubby and I are certain that we will be needing a lot to buy new beds and mattresses for our boys. I am actually feeling a little bit stressed already and my mind has been…

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Summer Noise

When there is no snow on the ground, construction sites and jobs are just amazingly crazy. I live in a busy intersection, in an apartment building, on the 16th floor and with a million dollar view of Lake Ontario. On the other side, I see my workplace, I see another apartment building then adjacent to it is a construction of…

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