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Same Nationality, New Residence

We are still new residents here in Canada, we’ve only been here for six months, but our nationalities remain the same. We still carry our nationality and it will never be changed until we apply for our citizenship here, in five or six years. By then probably we can display Canada’s flag in our balcony and probably buy a flag…

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Vroom, vroom goes the RC car!

admin / November 16, 2011

Anyone who has been around kids for any length of time knows that kids just love cars. Who knows what the exact appeal is but, little boys especially are just super fascinated by anything on four wheels. Of course, now that people don’t try so hard to pigeonhole what little boys and little girls are supposed to like, you’re finding…

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Dressed Up Blog!

Finally, after waiting in line, my friend Grace of Dress Up Your Blogs patiently, lovingly and beautifully (hehehe) dressed up this blog! 🙂 Now, all of my three blogs have their own “makeover.” Thanks to some generous online friends who never fail to give me opportunities to write, thus sparing me some of their precious dollars and making me earn…

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