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Black Friday is Coming

admin / November 26, 2013

I have never been this excited for Black Friday. It is only my second time to “experience” what Black Friday is so now I know what it is. The day after Thanksgiving in the US is Black Friday where stores and business hold sales and drop down their prices for everyone to avail. It has been a tradition there and…

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Pending Online Shopping

admin / August 28, 2013

I now remember that I have a voucher that was sent to me back in June and that I have to use it to shop at an online shopping website. The amount is not that big, just enough to purchase one or two small items, but good enough to make my mom back home happy and put a smile on…

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More Bento Accessories

admin / August 14, 2013

Oh my! I have again purchased more bento accessories! What an addiction! Well, it’s fun and good though and it’s not smoking or drinking or gambling, so it’s perfectly fine. Besides, it makes me happy when I make cute and fun lunches for my eldest. I went to and they have so many bento accessories to choose from and…

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