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Mommy Moments – Filipino Ako

admin / August 19, 2011

August is Buwan ng Wika here in the Philippines and as a way of celebrating it, schools often hold programs related to Buwan ng Wika. Last year, my son had his first opportunity to celebrate Buwan ng Wika in their school. Students were encouraged to wear Filipino costumes like Barong Tagalog, Filipiniana, or anything that depicts the Philippine culture. My…

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High Tech Kids

admin / August 14, 2011

At my son’s school, most of the children have a gadget or two. Most of the commonly used is the PSP. When it’s recess time, the students would then take out their PSPs and play. Often times I would see them exchanging new psp games and sometimes, they would argue as to who gets the newest game. I am just…

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No Dental Check-up

My little boy has only gone to the dentist once… when he accidentally broke his front tooth when he was still a year old. Now that he’s four years old, we haven’t brought him to the dentist back for check-up… too bad eh? I remember very well what happened that very first dentist visit. The little boy cried and cried…

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