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Firetrucks and a Little Boy’s Fascination

My little boy is interested in firetrucks. Since we live near the police station and a firetruck is sometimes parked near it, he would often go see the truck and inspect the firehose, the gadgets installed, the different parts and everything in it, just like one certified fireman does. Sometimes, he would climb the firetruck and pretend that he is…

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Learning to Play the Yoyo

admin / January 21, 2012

During birthday parties in my son’s school, there are loot bags that are given away. Most of the the goodies are candies, toys and some school supplies like pencils, erasers, sharpeners and other stuff. One time, he received a yoyo from the birthday celebrant. Since then, he wanted to learn how to play the yoyo and has asked his dad…

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