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My Bento-Making Adventure

admin / November 1, 2014

The past year, I started making bento lunches for my son. I have been so attracted to these kind or style of lunches and so I decided to make my own one for my son’s lunches at school. So far, he’s been very happy with his lunches as I make them “artsy” according to him and even though sometimes, he…

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Spending a Lot

admin / January 30, 2013

These past few days, I’ve been spending a lot… not on clothes, shoes, purses and other stuff… but on groceries! Well, at least it’s our groceries. Since I got my paycheck last week, I’ve been to the stores almost everyday buying stuff to stock up our fridge and cupboards. I know that it’s for us though but our cupboards still…

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Mommy Moments – Filipino Ako

admin / August 19, 2011

August is Buwan ng Wika here in the Philippines and as a way of celebrating it, schools often hold programs related to Buwan ng Wika. Last year, my son had his first opportunity to celebrate Buwan ng Wika in their school. Students were encouraged to wear Filipino costumes like Barong Tagalog, Filipiniana, or anything that depicts the Philippine culture. My…

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