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Vinyl Patio Doors

admin / October 1, 2013

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine. The cold months are here and during these months, are patios will be exposed to frost, cold wind and snow. Since doors are one of the major sources of heating and cooling for a typical home, and vinyl is a very good insulator, it is best…

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Reusable Bags

How I wish people back home would use reusable bags when they shop for their groceries. I really love the idea of eliminating plastic bags to help the environment and so when we got here, bringing reusable bags to the grocery stores made a very big impact on me. I have been wishing too that grocery stores and department stores…

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Let’s Get Green

admin / August 25, 2011

Not the green that you’re thinking, huh! I am talking of saving Mother Earth here folks. Yeah, yeah, everyday, everywhere, we hear about this. But it’s as if people are giving a deaf ear and a blind eye to this relevant issue. I, myself, am a supporter of causes for Mother Earth. Why? Simply because I want my children and…

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