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Promotional Cornhole Boards For Teams

admin / August 16, 2017

Cornhole is an American favorite backyard game that brings families, friends, and even league teams together. That’s right. In recent years cornhole has gained so much popularity that businesses sometimes create company teams to compete across the country or just in friendly local leagues. Not only does this serve as a great team building exercise for people who work together…

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Building A Proper Playground

Do you remember recess, that blissful, relaxing time between lessons when alliances were formed and hardcore battle lines were drawn for Red Rover? Playground equipment can help curb the bloodlust in little Annie, but you need to pick the right kinds. Here are a few essentials for the well-rounded schoolyard. 1: Swings No park or playground is complete without the…

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Gundam Collection

My brother collects gundam toys. I don’t know if they are all called gundam, but I know that they have different names. He has bought four toys for his collection which he recently just started. When I first saw him assemble one toy, I was amazed at how detailed it could get. There are so many small parts that one…

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