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Gifts for Graduation Day

Back home, March is graduation month and so this early, there will be many parents who will be busy preparing for small (and big) graduation celebrations. Graduating students will also be equally busy practicing their graduation ceremonies, accomplishing their final school requirements, fitting on togas, and secretly (or vocally) wishing to receive a graduation gift from their loved ones especially…

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Teacher Resources

Memorizing facts is not considered a complete education. Children need to think critically and gain the skills to succeed in school and in life. To achieve this, educational tools are required that positively impact the learning curve and help students develop lifelong learning skills that are needed in today‚Äôs competitive job marketplace. There are common core lesson plans available that…

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In 2005, hubby graduated from a special Nursing degree offered by one of the universities here in Bohol. It was a specialized course/degree for doctors only. The nursing hype that time was at its peak and so many high school students ended up in nursing schools, and that even computer and IT schools were offering Nursing courses (imagine that!). Anyway,…

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