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Courts Recognize the Rights of Men in Divorce Cases

admin / November 12, 2014

When you get married, you give little thought to what might happen later. While a large number of couples now sign prenuptial agreements before marrying, not all couples take this step. After meeting with an attorney, you might find that courts tend to favor women more than men. This can leave you paying high amounts of alimony and child support…

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Of Calamities and Migration

admin / November 21, 2013

The calamities that hit the Philippines these past few weeks have brought so many Filipinos, especially in the affected areas to the brink of breakdown and losing hope. Having lost properties, loved ones and a bleak future, many have lined up under the heat of the blazing sun, with little food or none at all, no water, just to be…

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Hard-pressed Businesses Look Towards the ‘Big Six’ Energy Providers for Relief

Business energy customers across the UK have been feeling the pinch of rising prices. Especially in the current economy, protecting profits is vital. And an increasingly number of companies are looking towards the ‘big six’ providers for much-needed relief. The energy industry regulator, Ofgem, have been pressuring suppliers to ease the financial burden on business users. In response, there are…

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