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One Direction Fan

admin / January 29, 2014

Okay, I may be too old to become a One Direction fan, but as my son has been replaying their songs over and over in On Demand, I have finally succumb… I am not a One Direction fan. I never knew that in my age and time, I feel happy when I see those cute boys perform… no it’s not…

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Of Calamities and Migration

admin / November 21, 2013

The calamities that hit the Philippines these past few weeks have brought so many Filipinos, especially in the affected areas to the brink of breakdown and losing hope. Having lost properties, loved ones and a bleak future, many have lined up under the heat of the blazing sun, with little food or none at all, no water, just to be…

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Flood in Toronto

July 8, Monday, when hubby and Job was about to go home from the grocery store, they saw a huge cloud that hung over the Toronto skies. It was dark and gray and hubby knew that it would bring a lot of rain, and yes it did. The rains that the huge cloud brought flooded the city streets of Toronto…

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