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My Bento-Making Adventure

admin / November 1, 2014

The past year, I started making bento lunches for my son. I have been so attracted to these kind or style of lunches and so I decided to make my own one for my son’s lunches at school. So far, he’s been very happy with his lunches as I make them “artsy” according to him and even though sometimes, he…

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Bento Accessories Are Here!

admin / August 16, 2013

Yey! My new bento accessories are finally here! It was just the other day when I wrote about it and now they’re in my possession. I am so happy to see the cute accessories and I just can’t wait to try them when school is here. I still need to learn how to create fun and attractive food or lunches…

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More Bento Accessories

admin / August 14, 2013

Oh my! I have again purchased more bento accessories! What an addiction! Well, it’s fun and good though and it’s not smoking or drinking or gambling, so it’s perfectly fine. Besides, it makes me happy when I make cute and fun lunches for my eldest. I went to and they have so many bento accessories to choose from and…

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