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Starting Your Stamp Collection

admin / November 5, 2014

When it comes to choosing a hobby, there are many out there. They can range from outdoor activities like gardening to delicate indoor activities like building ships in bottles. But one of the most well known and long standing hobbies is stamp collecting. People have been collecting stamps for decades, and it has long been known as a worthwhile and…

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Building A Proper Playground

Do you remember recess, that blissful, relaxing time between lessons when alliances were formed and hardcore battle lines were drawn for Red Rover? Playground equipment can help curb the bloodlust in little Annie, but you need to pick the right kinds. Here are a few essentials for the well-rounded schoolyard. 1: Swings No park or playground is complete without the…

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Watching Music Videos

My sons have been watching a lot of music videos in On Demand. My eldest chooses the songs and I make sure that it is safe for them. At one point, both my eldest and the toddler were already singing to songs with videos that were very inappropriate for their age, so I asked them to not watch it again.…

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