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A Guide to Understanding Health Insurance Sharing

admin / February 16, 2018

Health insurance is often one of the largest expenses that families face, but its value is unbelievably high in the event of a serious accident or illness. However, those looking to eschew the traditional approach to insurance may find the concept of health sharing rather appealing. Defining Health Sharing While the concept of health sharing may be foreign to some…

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Why the World Dreams of Traveling by Yacht

admin / December 13, 2017

Traveling around the world on a luxury yacht for many people is the stuff of dreams. In their mind they conjure up romantic notions of what it must be like to have the wind in their hair and freedom in their spirit. Everyone has had those days where they are sitting behind their desk or driving down the road and…

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It’s nice to get the whole craft “ship shape” now

admin / October 12, 2017

Summer has passed, and the fall season is now upon us. Many people enjoy the cooler temperatures and color changes that autumn brings. For many boat owners, however, this is a sad time of the year. The time when the boat must be pulled out of the water, winterized, and put up for the agonizingly slow winter season. Many boat…

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