Why the World Dreams of Traveling by Yacht

Traveling around the world on a luxury yacht for many people is the stuff of dreams. In their mind they conjure up romantic notions of what it must be like to have the wind in their hair and freedom in their spirit. Everyone has had those days where they are sitting behind their desk or driving down the road and in their mind they are thinking about enjoying that simpler life on the sea. Unfortunately, what stops most people from experiencing this type of travel is not things like not having enough money, having a family, or not knowing how to sail a boat. What stops them is believing that traveling by yacht is something that is only possible for those who are wealthy. They fail to realize that there are many everyday people who have taken a look at Back Cove yachts for sale and decided that for them, the sacrifice needed to purchase a yacht and spend time out on the open water was more than worth it.

image from Back Cove Yachts

What these everyday individuals who have made their dreams of spending months on the ocean have figured out is that traveling or living on a yacht is not impractical. All that it requires is a little bit of preparation and having realistic expectations.

Most people who make the decision to change the way they live and travel by yacht have decided that they want to change their life. They didn’t just want to change their life, they actually had the courage to step outside of their comfort zone and make what they wanted to happen a reality. What sets these individuals apart from those who do not make this move is that they were motivated. They looked at their lives and they realized that what they saw as important is no longer as important to them now. Maybe in their youth, they were adventurers, but the responsibilities of life put a damper on their passion for exploration. They decided to rekindle that fire, take a risk, and enjoy the joys and setbacks that these types of risks bring.

Many who have made this choice are surprised at how free they feel when they get rid of a lot of the possessions and trappings of modern life that have held them back. They feel that once again they’ve found their way and they have once again discovered who they truly are.

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