Is it Time for a Joint Replacement?

When those with extreme pain in their knee or their hip think about having joint replacement surgery done, they are often unsure as to whether or not this course of action is the best choice for them. Some wonder if they can deal with the pain until it gets worse and others, particularly those who are still middle-aged, think that it’s too soon for them to be contemplating this form of surgery. However, for many joint pain sufferers, prolonging the pain isn’t always what’s best.

Waiting it Out Isn’t Always the Right Choice

People who suffer from extreme joint point wait an average of seven to 11 years before having joint replacement surgery done. Research shows that the majority of people dealing with chronic pain in their joints do so out of fear, lack of reliable information about surgical procedures available to them, and limited awareness about how to treat their pain.

While deciding to have surgery is a large decision, those who postpone having a joint replacement operation done often impede on their quality of life. For example, chronic pain can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. When this occurs, those dealing with joint pain often gain weight, stop participating in activities they enjoy, and even harm their ability to walk normally.

What to Consider Before Surgery

Before surgery, patients should try participating in non-surgical treatment options. Those experiencing hip or knee pain should try taking anti-inflammatory medications, having joint lubrications done, losing weight and exercising, participating in physical therapy, or simply modifying their regular activities. For example, losing weight can relieve joint pain to a certain point because excess pounds are no longer putting pressure on the joint. Before making the decision to have surgery done, patients should be honest with themselves about whether or not they have exhausted all of their non-surgical options to deal with the pain.

There is no completely scientific way to determine if it is time to undergo joint replacement surgery. However, patients should consider having surgery done, whether they’re 45 or 75, if they constantly feel like they cannot take the pain anymore or if it is harming their ability to work, sleep, or do the things that they enjoy.

Additionally, patients should speak with their doctor to determine what type of joint replacement surgery is best. For many patients, the Superpath hip technique provides them with the relief they have been looking for. This type of surgery is designed to precisely replace the hip without stretching or traumatizing muscles or tendons that are necessary to proper hip function.

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2 thoughts on “Is it Time for a Joint Replacement?

  1. I have had problems with my knees for years, but lately the pain has been getting quite extreme. I would really love to get joint replacement, but I am a bit hesitant. I was thinking for a while that I would just wait it out to see if my knees would start feeling better, but it sounds like this is probably one of the worst things to do. I will probably start looking for a few other options like physical therapy that I can try, but in the end, it sounds like it might be best for me to get the surgery so that I don’t have to continue to deal with such extreme joint pain!

  2. That is pretty amazing that people with joint pain, wait as long as seven to eleven years to get it fixed. I can definitely see how this is from fear and lack of accurate medical information. There can be so many different things wrong with an ailing body part that sometimes it is truly hard to nail down exactly what is wrong.

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