Why Fireworks Displays Are Done By Private Businesses

admin / September 29, 2014

Whether its a national celebration or a local event, fireworks and other pyrotechnic displays amaze audiences during these unifying events. People often think that towns and states are the ones that produce these firework displays, but it is actually small private businesses. These small businesses contract with towns and states to create the pyrotechnic displays that light up the night…

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New Host

admin / September 28, 2014

I have finally arranged for a new host for this domain. It has been a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process, but now, this blog and another blog is now on a new hosting provider and I believe that it will be better now and that there will be more opportunities that will come my “blogging” way. I also believe that…

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Home, Home Improvement

Home Safety Tips: Having a Plan for a Fire

admin / September 26, 2014

Whether you use home security monitoring to alert the authorities about a house fire or not, a fire is probably one of the things that you think about most often as a danger to your family. To a large degree, fires are frightening to parents because they can get out of control so quickly. If the fire starts in the…

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