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Not So New Living Room Furniture

Our building’s superintendent’s husband who is also the handyman knocked on our door the other week and told us that their neighbour is giving a couch set. When their neighbour asked them where or who she could give it to, the couple thought of us. They know that we needed one, so that’s why he came up and knocked and…

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Building A Proper Playground

Do you remember recess, that blissful, relaxing time between lessons when alliances were formed and hardcore battle lines were drawn for Red Rover? Playground equipment can help curb the bloodlust in little Annie, but you need to pick the right kinds. Here are a few essentials for the well-rounded schoolyard. 1: Swings No park or playground is complete without the…

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Feeling a Lot Better

I’ve been sick for the past two weeks. This I consider the worst time that I have become sick. I have never been very sick in my whole life… God forbid! But the past two weeks have been very brutal to me and my body. My health has been so jeopardized that I have lost precious hours at work, but…

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