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Hello Fall!

admin / September 21, 2013

Today, we officially say goodbye to Summer 2013! It was a good and fun summer for us, our first summer here in Canada. It wasn’t bad at all, there were days that were really blazing hot and humidity felt like it will choke me, but overall it was nice and we had so many wonderful and memorable experiences last Summer.…

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Cuts and Wounds

admin / September 15, 2013

I have so many cuts and wounds in my hands. The other day, I cut myself, just a little bit but when I washed my hands, I felt the pain. It’s in one of my fingers and I had no idea where I got it. Today, I got another cut, this time it was from the plastic container of the…

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Summer’s Last Hurrah

admin / September 12, 2013

Yesterday and today are just what summer should have been, I mean just what August should have given us. The temperature yesterday and today went soaring up almost to the mid 30s and the humidex was at the 40s! Man, it was blazing hot yesterday and it still feels like being baked today! But like what I always say to…

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