No Resume

Since my laptop is new, there are no documents saved in its hard drive, so resumes, cover letters and other important documents are still in the netbook. I haven’t opened my netbook for weeks now ever since I got this new one and when I do open it and download some of the documents there to the new one, I…

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Blogging, Music

Assuring Good Musical Performance

Musical performances are often visited with audience who value music. Some of these prestigious musical performances are having audience of known personalities from the music industry. While it may be true that the performers play the most important role in any musical performances, the auxiliary parts of it like the drum set, the lights, the backup singers, and even the…

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Cooler Days of Summer

These past few days have been cooler. The weather forecasters say that we are six degrees below the seasonal temperatures which makes it really cool despite the sunny days. We had that heat wave just about a week ago and after that weekend summer storm, everything changed. From super humid, muggy and hot days, now it’s been cooler. I like…

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