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Weight…. that is! Uuuugggghhh! ;( DISCLOSURE: YOUR OPINIONS ARE DIFFERENT FROM MINE… AND PARDON ME FOR RANTING (I don’t usually talk about this). The evidence is clear, my pants have become a little tighter and the unwanted fats and love handles have “enlarged” and graciously hang over my pants and they are not really good to look at! This sight…

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Lobster Delivery

Tis’ the season for barbecue, grilling, pool parties, fun in the sand, weekends in the cottage and just relaxation whenever time allows. It is also the season when fresh seafood abounds as many fishermen sail to the oceans and do their catch. Perhaps, one of the most sought-after seafood this season (and with other seasons as well) is the lobster,…

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New Laptop Soon

Browsing the different tech and gadget shops online have taken up most of my time lately because I think I have saved enough to buy a new laptop for me. Like what I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I need a new laptop because my netbook is really slow now and its memory is almost full. It has only…

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