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Creating an Elegant Atmosphere at Home

Never before has the need for individuality and innovation been more evident. Today‚Äôs venues call for superb pieces of elegance that dazzle and delight guests. In addition, it is ever more apparent that the call to the senses be of splendor and relaxation to combat the stressful demands of society and work. Whether to decorate for a wedding, restaurant or…

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A New Weighing Scale

I need a new weighing scale. The one I bought two months ago is already broken. Thanks to my little boys who played with it and dropped it on the floor, the scale eventually is not functioning well, or wait, maybe hubby and I have really gained weight these past few months. I don’t like the idea of the latter…

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Health, Miscellaneous

Mobile Clinics

Lifeline Mobile manufactures all types of mobile medical units. Mobile medical clinics, mammography clinics, dental clinics, and laboratories are available. Each unit is made specifically to the clients’ specifications from the chassis up to the roof. Many mobile medical units are built on chassis originally built for school buses or other uses. Lifeline Mobile begins with a chassis built specifically…

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