Money Matters

New Bank Account

admin / February 28, 2013

I opened up a new bank account last week and I was amazed at how easy it was to open a new account. I went to the bank and was assisted by a Fil-Can bank employee who also first came to our rescue when we set up our new accounts when we were new here. I told her that I…

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Of Music and Harmony

admin / February 26, 2013

The music world has truly evolved, from the simple and natural sound-and-music-making things before used by our ancestors to the highly technical and sophisticated music instruments and equipment used by artists and performers of today. These instruments, equipment and gadgets make listening to music a more pleasurable experience. Bands and musicians pick out the best and quality equipment to bring…

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Money Matters, Rants

No Credit Card… Yet

admin / February 25, 2013

I do have some extra cash with me considering that the little boys have their monthly allowance now from the government. I do plan to get my own credit card so that I can transfer my phone bill to my own name. But unfortunately, hubby said, NO CREDIT CARD FOR ME… YET! 🙁 Oh well, he knows what I will…

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