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Spending a Lot

admin / January 30, 2013

These past few days, I’ve been spending a lot… not on clothes, shoes, purses and other stuff… but on groceries! Well, at least it’s our groceries. Since I got my paycheck last week, I’ve been to the stores almost everyday buying stuff to stock up our fridge and cupboards. I know that it’s for us though but our cupboards still…

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Wacky Weather

admin / January 26, 2013

The weather these days is so wacky! There are days with sub zero temperatures, then just the other day, ice pellets fell from the sky and it rained for two straight days and melted all the snow. The rain brought in much warmer air which led to widespread fog, then after the rain, we had a record high of 14…

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Adjusting to the Cold Temperatures

admin / January 21, 2013

It’s been pretty cold these days, the temperatures have dropped to the double digits below freezing point, so it really stings and bites. Since I walk my way to work every day, I have also pretty much adjusted to the cold temperatures. With the layers on, I don’t feel so cold inside, except for my thighs and legs. I wear…

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