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List is Done!

Finally, I am done with the long list!

My hands and fingers are still aching from writing down the long list, two copies at that. Each copy of the list of goods have four pages, so that means I wrote down eight pages of paper! Whew! Hubby and I decided to have the list handwritten because we know there will a few more stuff to insert in our luggage and in the hand carry bags. We want to make sure that every single thing gets listed, we don’t want to miss a thing. But I know there are still a few ones that I haven’t written.

Anyway, it’s not so detailed like what we’ve been told to so, like write all the brand names and other descriptions, I couldn’t do that. Besides, I saw a filled-up form with no detailed descriptions whatsoever. So I guess our list is good enough, I hope it is. That remains to be seen next week once we arrive in Toronto when the customs officer will check. I really am hoping that what I did is right.