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Free $25 VISA Card

admin / September 27, 2012

For buying a phone and getting a phone plan last weekend, I got myself a free $25 VISA card! Yippeeee!! Imagine not shelling out any cent for buying a phone and I get a free $25 VISA card which I can use to purchase anything, that’s pretty neat! 🙂 Well, this is just one of the many gimmicks that the…

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Gadgets, Random Thoughts

Samsung Galaxy Ace

admin / September 25, 2012

Because it is a necessity here to have a phone number, I bought a new cellphone last weekend. I was torn between getting an iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S III. But I ended up buying the Samsung Galaxy Ace. I realized that I don’t need the latest phone model now since my priority is to have my phone number…

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Considering Rustic Furniture

admin / September 23, 2012

Traveling for almost 22 hours was indeed very tiring and just a few hours after we safely landed here in Canada, we already felt so jet lagged. But despite what we are all feeling, we still made plans as early as possible for the home that we will soon live in. We are considering rustic furniture to furnish the home.…

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