Lesser Writing Gigs

admin / August 28, 2012

I have been accepting and doing writing gigs for more than a year now and I am very thankful that I have discovered this way of earning extra income here at home. I still cannot believe that people and friends online trust my writing skills even if I am not the best writer around. In the coming weeks, I might…

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Blogging, Random Thoughts

Selling My Blog

admin / August 25, 2012

I am thinking of selling my blog… no not this blog. I have one blog that it is not updated and honestly, I do not know what stuff to put in there. I am contemplating on it but still, I am undecided. For some reasons, my brain stopped working, not literally though. I no longer have ideas on what to…

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Job Prospects

admin / August 21, 2012

Since I cannot work as a teacher in the new place, I am considering of taking on other job opportunities. I have been spending a lot of time searching and looking for job prospects so that I will be quite ready when we are already in the new place. It’s barely a month and pretty soon, I will be applying…

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