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Gundam Collection

My brother collects gundam toys. I don’t know if they are all called gundam, but I know that they have different names. He has bought four toys for his collection which he recently just started. When I first saw him assemble one toy, I was amazed at how detailed it could get. There are so many small parts that one…

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No More Bulky Books

For our upcoming travel, I am planning to bring my son’s books to entertain him during our long flights. But since there is a limit on the weight of our baggage, I could not bring all of them. So I am thinking of getting an e-book reader for him. I have read kobo reviews and hopefully, before we leave, I…

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Bed Weather

The low pressure area that is in the East of Mindanao is definitely causing this super gloomy, windy and cold day. I know everyone calls this a “bed weather,” where you just want stay in the bed all day and enjoy the cold breeze and probably sing Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song. Yeah, yeah, yeah… you just can’t stay in bed…

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