Two More Blogs

This is not addiction to blogging. I have two domains which have sat in my godaddy account for more than a year now and finally, I have them hosted. I remember writing before of my anxiety that if I make another blog, I won’t be able to keep up and update it, but after much deliberation and thinking, finally got…

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Personal, Weight Loss

59 – 60

When I am not full, I am 59 kilos, but when I am the opposite, I am at 60 kilos. This was my pre-pregnancy weight and I am happy that in just a year after giving birth to my second baby, I have already achieved my target, which is to return to my 59-60 kilo weight mark. If you ask…

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Family Events, Technology

Online Viewing for Funeral Service

Yesterday, at my cousin’s wake, I was so amazed at how technology has changed and affected our lives. It was held at the new branch of a popular memorial chapel and it was my first time to go there. At the entrance, I was already stunned at the building’s facade. I thought I was entering a hotel, then a security…

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