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The “Jungle”

Yes, we have a “jungle” at the back of our house and this is it: This is what’s at the back of our house! It is a total mess! I used to rake all the dried leaves, burn them and this was really “clean” before. But by the looks of it, there is a lot of work to do! 🙁…

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Hanging On

It rained early in the afternoon the other day, but it was not that hard. The baby was fast asleep, Kuya Bogs and his daddy were out of the house and I was the only one up. So I thought of taking out my vintage camera and just snapped on anything I found interesting. I also thought of the 366…

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American Idol Fever

The recently concluded season 11 of the American Idol made a great impact on its viewers. For me it was one of the most spectacular seasons ever because not only that one of the top 2 finalists has the same race as I am, but because of how good their musical production was. I guess they use and buy ZT…

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