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The other day, our dog found this in our dry drainage: a snakeskin! Yikes! :I This is our second time to find something like this in our house. The first time was in our basement in December 2007. We have transformed our basement into a storage area and we seldom go down there. When our nanny was cleaning the basement,…

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Children, Photographs, Summer

Summer = Beach

Saw these kids having fun swimming in the sea! They were so excited to see me approaching them and they all shouted “Picture! Picture!” My little boy wanted so much to join the kids but we were only at this place to see the sunset… hehehe… poor little boy… 🙂 We still haven’t gone to the beach yet, it’s very…

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How to Pass the GRE

If you are planning to take graduate courses or pursue further studies, a standardized test is given to you as an admission requirement to most graduate schools. This test is called the Graduate Record Examinations or GRE. It is a computer-based exam that aims to measure verbal and quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills. For you to pass…

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