Cold Nights… Soon???

admin / January 31, 2012

The weather’s been very erratic lately. It’s sunny and so hot and then a few hours after, it’s raining and thunder and lightning just roar above our roofs. This is what usually happens here in my place. It’s been more than a week now that it’s like this. At night too, it’s windy and in the early dawn, it’s really…

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Communication, Internet

A Smaller World

admin / January 27, 2012

The world truly has gotten smaller everyday. With the advancement in technology and through the Internet, families, loved ones and friends now have the chance to communicate with each other despite long distances apart. Even businesses and governments can set up meetings and close important deals through video conferencing. Companies have saved so much and have been able to cut…

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Photographs, Travel

24/366 Blog Photo Challenge – Horse Sculpture

admin / January 24, 2012

The hotel where we stayed during our trip to Cebu last week had a very modern twist to its interior design. I love modern architecture more than the classical and I am just glad that we found a hotel that has it. One of the many sculptures found at the hotel was this horse sculpture, I am not sure if…

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