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Vroom, vroom goes the RC car!

Anyone who has been around kids for any length of time knows that kids just love cars. Who knows what the exact appeal is but, little boys especially are just super fascinated by anything on four wheels. Of course, now that people don’t try so hard to pigeonhole what little boys and little girls are supposed to like, you’re finding more little boys who like supposedly girly things, like nice clothes, and more little girls who like boyish stuff, like Hot Wheels and the very cool RC cars you see kids — and plenty of adults — racing and playing with.

What do cars represent to kids? Freedom, I think. It seems to me that we adults spend a lot of time reminiscing and fantasizing about the freedom from responsibility we had as children, while children spend a lot of time fantasizing about the freedom of being free of, well, us. What’s more liberating to a kid than being able to hop in a car, get some gas and drive hundreds of miles away from your nagging momma and poppa, not to mention pesky brothers and sisters. Of course, the fact that a nine year-old couldn’t possibly care for himself in any sane fashion is beside the point. From the moment we’re old enough to think for ourselves. it’s only natural to imagine we are perfectly capable of doing things and taking care of ourselves just as well as mommy and daddy. Of course, it’s only when we get to be adults that we realize just what mommy and daddy were up against.

So, for kids, playing with RC cars and other kinds of toy automobiles is about pretending to be a grown-up, and when adults do the same thing, we’re retreating to childhood. I guess it’s just human nature to never be satisfied with where we are.

3 thoughts on “Vroom, vroom goes the RC car!

  1. yeah! kids really love as early as now, in fact, didong has always longing to have the big-foot car he saw one time when i brought him at the mall..but i just told him to better ask for it to her

  2. I think you’re right, the RC car does represent freedom for young kids. It’s always cool to imagine yourself in their shoes. Thanks for sharing!

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