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Stress, Please Go Away!

In my other blog, I have made entries or posts about our application as permanent residents in Canada. So far, it has been giving us stress! Nothing but stress! 🙁 We started applying last year and was immediately accommodated by the agency and so now, we are on pins and needles as the deadline for the June 2011 quota is…

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Running Out of Cash :-(

For the past two months now, my hubby’s business has been temporarily shut down and right now, he is on the verge of giving up that business. I know that he is tired and weary from all the processes that he and his staff have gone through these past months, but he still has that optimism that everything will return…

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The House Without A Child

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary, there is no celebration, just a simple dinner at my MIL’s house. But today is somehow extraordinary, after four years and a few months, our anniversary is “child-free.” 🙂 It’s like going back to where my hubby and I first started our little family seven years ago. Our house today is kinda empty without…

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