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I Need To Walk!!!

For the past several weeks now, I have been very busy… busy sitting down!!!! Because of the demands of my online work… ahem… most of my time awake are devoted in front of my netbook and my fingers, my brain and my eyes are the only parts of my body that are busy. While the rest are just gaining up…

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Admin Office Renovation

The hospital that my hubby runs and manages is undergoing renovations now. The rooms and wards have been repainted and the toilets repaired, the lobby was rearrange, cleaned and refurnished, the garden area too was redecorated with new plants and bushes. This is done so for the hospital’s re-accreditation to a semi-private insurance company. Now, it’s the admin office’s turn…

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Summer Basketball League

Young boys in our town are prepping up for the upcoming summer basketball league. Hubby told me it’ll start this Sunday, so that’s the reason why the basketball court just a few steps away from our house is lit up every night and since the start of this week, early in the morning, many boys are already up and practicing…

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