Decorate Your Home With These Three Brands

It is always fun to decorate your home with a themed figurine or unique candle warmer. There is something about adding a new piece of decor that feels like a breath of fresh air. It adds something new to your home without taking away from your current style. You can dress your home up for a specific holiday, an entire season or just to change up the vibe.

There are many brands that offer beautiful pieces of decor for your home. You may want to shop for figurines with Jim Shore or decorative plates with Angel Star. Start decorating your home by shopping with these three brands.

Angel Star

You can start decorating by dressing up your wall with gorgeous plates from Angel Star. The plates come in several shapes and designs to fit your style, from a square plate adorned with a colorful butterfly to a round plate adorned with a blue dragonfly. They also come in several sizes to fit any space of your wall. Decorating your wall with butterfly and dragonfly plates is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home.

Candle Warmers

There is more to decorating your home than just displaying beautiful pieces. A certain fragrance can bring back memories or create the perfect setting, and you can decorate with the electric Candle Aire Warmers from Candle Warmers. The candle warmers come in designs such as Azure Scroll and Tuscan Cream, and they release amazing scents such as Balsam Fir and Spiced Apple. Every candle warmer features a flickering light bulb that acts as a flame and a quiet fan that releases the fragrance into the air.

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Jim Shore is your top brand for charming figurines and ornaments for any occasion. You can find pieces that fit various holidays, such as the Mini Crow on Jack-o-lantern Figurine, Mini Pumpkin Turkey Figurine and The North Star Express 5 Piece Mini Train Set. You can even find decorative Easter eggs that feature beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. Jim Shore offers a range of figurines in popular characters, and this includes the Jiminy Cricket Personality Pose figurine and Peanuts Gang Welcome Great Pumpkin figurine.

You do not have to wait until the next holiday or season to decorate your home. All you need to do is shop now for your next pieces of home decor.

Discovering the Benefits of Hiring Professional Bug Killers

A massive insect infestation differs greatly from killing just one or two bugs that wander into your home. An infestation can quickly take over the premises and severely impact the value, comfort, and safety of your house. When you realize that you are no match for the insects and anything you attempt to get rid of them would be entirely ineffective, you may decide to hire professionals like a pest control service, Maryland exterminators, or a disaster response company that is ready to tackle the problem. You can hire the best one by doing some preliminary research about the company online.

Professional Extermination Perks

Why should you hire a professional extermination service rather than bomb your house or use massive amounts of borax, roach repellents, mouse traps, and other grocery store products? As you may find out online, most products sold in stores are useless when it comes to fighting serious pest invasions. Bugs like roaches and rodents like mice quickly become immune to these products, leading to you wasting time and money in your bid to get rid of them.

Further, you may not know how to use the product safely so that you, your family, and your pets are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. While borax is not dangerous in small amounts, it can be toxic if you use too much of it. Rather than risk getting sick or worse, you can entrust the task of getting rid of the pests to a professional contractor who has the resources and experience needed to kill your infestation at the source.

Assurance of Service

Even before you hire the company, however, you may want to know that you are getting the best quality of service possible. You can put any concerns or fears to rest about the business by reading the About Us section on its website.

This section tells you what experience they have in the pest control and extermination industry and what its core mission is when it comes to serving customers. You can be assured of partnering with a business that has your best interests at heart when it agrees to come to your home and kill the bugs that have invaded your space.

Pest infestations jeopardize the health, safety, and value of your house. You can get rid of bugs, rodents, and other creatures effectively by hiring professional bug and pest exterminators.

Tips to Save Money On Bathroom Remodels

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most commonly remodeled room in the house. This makes sense since it is the only other room in the building that you know is going to be used by pretty much everyone that comes in. Bathroom style seems to be constantly changing and prospective home buyers want to avoid having to do their own remodel before they make the purchase, meaning having it renovated before you put it on the market can bring you some pretty hefty return.

Of course, bathroom remodels are going to cost you some money, but you shouldn’t pay more than you have to. Home renovation projects of any kind almost always seem to cost a little bit more than you though they were going to, by the time you are done, so check out these tips that could help you save a few bucks on your next bathroom renovation.

1. Have a Plan – It’s unwise to go into anything without a strategy, especially something that has almost no ceiling, figuratively, with how much money you can spend. Set parameters and limitations before you get started to ensure you don’t stray off of the path.

2. Don’t move plumbing – By far, the most expensive part of a bathroom reno is the plumbing and it’s also the area that requires the most expertise to be done correctly. No matter what you are trying to do with your bathroom, try to avoid moving plumbing at all costs.

3. Go Antiquing – Replacing your current vanity with an antique is a great option because the classic look of antiques never goes out of style and they can sometimes be acquired at a cheap price at a second-hand store. You can save even more money if you get one that is damaged or needs a little love, and decorate or paint it.

4. Lighting – The aspect of a bathroom remodel that gives homeowners the most bang for their buck is by far lighting. The right light configuration can really change the overall feel of a room and these items can usually be acquired cheaply. The one thing you do need is a keen eye for lighting and what it does.

The best way to save money on a bathroom remodel is to hire the perfect contractor. If you need to find a contractor, look into a directory like contractor services and peruse their list of great contractors that specialize in bathroom renovations.